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an open book with images of people on it and the pages are in different colors
Before I Wake Up by Britta Teckentrup
an image of some sort of artwork that looks like it is floating in the air
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Kelly Lam: "Different media techniques including both wet and dry are enforced. Builds quite a vivid image that compliments the text. Dark and sullen colours connote the serious tone of the issue."
four different views of an open book with writing on it
isabellearsenault - Blog | Picture books illustration, Book art, Illustration design
Isabelle Arsenault - Such beautiful work! Love this.:
several black and white papers are stacked on top of each other
DyeHardClothing - Etsy
Sweeeeeeetnesss to the max! Checkout my website and support my new clothing line and my mission to help orphans in Uganda
Bruno Munari - Nella Notte Buia - Perimeter Books Bruno Munari, Sid, Artwork, Mam, Literature Art, Book Art
Bruno Munari - Nella Notte Buia - Perimeter Books
four different pictures of birds and plants on white paper with black and red inks
Isabelle Arsenault - Illustration
Un beau livre illustré par Violeta Lopiz et publié par les éditions du Rouergue.
a drawing of a man reading a book with bats flying around him in the background
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isabelle arsenault.... mikapoka: the gifted draftswoman
an image of a city with houses and birds flying around the building tops in this drawing
By Simone Rea A través de Mehrdad Zaeri
two pages from a book with pictures of people and animals
Isabelle Arsenault | Picturebook Makers
Illustrations by Isabelle Arsenault – from 'Jane, le renard & moi / Jane, the fox & me' (written by Fanny Britt)
an open book with birds sitting on the branches
three different books with the same title on each book cover, one in light blue and one in white -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspyeahmag Resources and Information.
Portfolio Book: Memorable packaging can make your work stand out, like this one here. Just be sure it's not hard to hold or open, that's a huge distractor.
two different types of metal letters and numbers on the floor, one is black with gold foil
Custom graphic design portfolio book in matte black acrylic with cut-out treatment
Custom graphic design portfolio book with cut-out treatment on matte black acrylic by
four different photographs are shown in three separate sections, one is empty and the other has no image on it
Would make a great idea for a self-promo or leave behind
an assortment of different types of stickers on a pink background with the words flickr
Betype - Typography & Lettering Inspiration
Vizi Figate by Francesco DelRosso - tipografia e design