Bakklandet – Trondheims gamleby

Bakklandet – Trondheims gamleby


TIL in Norway, there's a steep hill cyclists struggle to get up, so they created a 'bike elevator' which has a small metal plate come out of the road that they can brace their foot against which slides up the hill and pulls the cyclist up on their bike.

Kirkegårder i Trondheim

Liste over kirkegårder i Trondheim


The programme for the National Museum for Pop and Rock Music was twice as big as the protected structure designated to house it.

Beste bruktbutikkene i Trondheim

I like thrift store shopping. I buy the majority of my clothes secondhand, and my fave is the fringe consignment boutique in opelika :)

Museet Erkebispegården

The Archbishop's Palace Museum


Nidarosdomen - the largest cathedral in Norway. In the city of Trondheim.

Gamle Bybro

Old Town Bridge, Trodheim Norway --> Gamle Bybro

Kristiansten Festning

Kristiansten Festning