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a wooden sign that says, my kids have paws with three dogs paw prints on it
Primitives by Kathy Paws String Art | Nordstrom
a wooden sign with a snowflake on it next to a pine cone holder
DIY Snowflake String Art + 18 Easy to Build Christmas Projects - Erin Spain
a wooden sign with the word love written on it and a mason jar next to it
a wooden sign with a deer on it
three wooden blocks with snowflakes on them
Decorating Your Home with Elegant Christmas Decorations – Get Ready for Christmas
a string art heart on a wooden board
30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas
christmas decorations on a wooden table with scissors and twine spools next to them
three wooden candles sitting on top of a table
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three candles sitting on top of books and pumpkins in glass vases next to each other
15 Fun and Easy Pine Cone Crafts to Beautify Your Home
three different shots of candles on a table