Canaries and Parakeets

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a crocheted bird sitting on top of a bed
Amigurumi calopsitas e periquitos
Santa Clara Artesanato: Amigurumi calopsitas e periquitos
two colorful parakeets are eating oranges together
What Do Budgies Eat?
A healthy addition to any bird diet, fruits and vegetables help ensure long and healthy lives. Give your budgie a piece every day, preferabl...
a white bird sitting on top of a person's hand with the caption how long it takes to tame a budgie
How Long Does It Really Take To Tame A Budgie?
How Long Does It Take To Tame A Budgie? Read this to learn more and for tips on taming budgies! #budgies #petbirds #birds #parakeets
four colorful parakeets are sitting in a cage
Budgerigar - Parakeets
parakeets | Pet Birds / Parakeets / Budgerigar - Parakeets
a green parrot with a pirate hat on its head
pirate parakeet just for my HENRY.
a green and white bird in a cage on the grass
Hamper Bird Travel Carrier
Hamper Bird Travel Carrier -
two green and yellow parakeets sitting on top of someone's hand in front of a white wall
Budgies. Viirpapagoid.
a poster with different types of birds on it's face and the words, our budgie's mods a guide
a blue and yellow parakeet is sitting on a perch
Budgies are Awesome
The budgerigar you see below is a striking example (and as far as I know, the only one) of the extremely rare half sider mutation.
two blue and grey parakeets are kissing each other on a caged birdcage
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