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the kitchen is organized and ready to be used as a place setting for dinner or desserts
Montessori toddler kitchen |Montessori Home|Montessori style spaces|Montessori room| toddler kitchen
the baby's first beanie book is shown with its contents and instructions to make it
The Best Baby Toys to Boost Your Child's Brain in 2020 -
a poster with the words'16 homeschool evenideas'in black and white
16 Homeschool Event Ideas | Homeschool Co-op Activites
Here are 16 homeschool event ideas for you to organise with your homeschool community and co-op groups!
a poster with the words 20 homeschool workbox ideas written in white ink
20 Ideas For Your Homeschool Workboxes
I hope ths list of 20 activtes to add to your homeschool workboxes encourages and inspires you! To see specific examples of what each of my four child had in their workboxes, head to the blog!
an info sheet with cartoon characters on it and the words love animation and educational tv shows we
Low stimulation and educational TV shows for toddlers and young children
Keeping TV consumption low-stimulating for toddlers is essential because it promotes healthier cognitive development, encourages imaginative play, fosters better sleep habits, and ensures that screen time doesn't overshadow crucial real-world interactions and experiences necessary for their overall growth and learning. When using screen time, opt for these options that are great for young minds learning new skills and development!
The secret that I don't think anybody actually tells the father
three bottles of hand soap sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Things in my kids bathroom that just makes sense - Coco's Caravan
Things in my kids bathroom that just makes sense - Coco's Caravan
Happy Campers: Top Tips for an Unforgettable Family Camping Adventure! 🏕️🌳