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very good idea for a teen

27 Ways To Rethink Your Bed: Bed in a Closet. Also check out the Roll-Away Bed under a Platform; Cool way to quickly tidy up a small space, and keep pet hair off the bed! Maybe put a little reading or office space on top on the bed?

Art can be a tricky thing. Art is an investment and it oftentimes scares people to take the plunge. But art can really turn a good space into a great space! We are proponents of using statement art piece as a focal point in a room – as opposed to lots of random art pieces in the same space. Statement pieces are perfect for your mantle, over your couch, over a bed and any focal wall that isn’t too distracting. We’ve rounded up some of our current favorite pieces and showing some examples as…

Interior Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel’s wallpaper collection is true to her modern, refined aesthetic. A color and pattern expert, Sarah is known for effortlessly combining styles to create distinctive spaces. Bring Sarah’s enviable style home with five

Slettvoll Soverom 2013

modern interior design architecture Stockholm Vitt - Interior Design kids bedroom - use that behind the door space! House of the Tree by Kok.

«Скандинавский дизайн» — понятие очень общее, как бы подразумевающее что все скандинавские страны имеют некий общий стиль, что, конечно, не совсем так. Среди скандинавских стран абсолютной законодательницей в дизайне интерьера является Швеция, и большинство именитых скандинавских архитекторов и дизайнеров работали и работают именно в этой стране. Финляндия внесла свой вклад в развитие скандинавского стиля своей...

of delicacy, this is what is proposed to us by this Fantastic Frank with this studio flat equipped soberly, whose main characteristic is the choice of pink for the walls.