Per Inge Lundby

Per Inge Lundby

Per Inge Lundby
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30 Amazing Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials to improve your skills

Create this amazing broken egg illustration in Photoshop. This in-depth tutorial contains 50 steps to show you how to use shapes, gradients, selections, and more to create this artwork. A full resolut

Great technique to swap faces In Photoshop! Match skin tones with one click! #Photoshop #Tutorial #photography

Face swap: This Photoshop tutorial will show you how you can seamlessly and effortlessly blend a face to a body, and match skin tones with very little work! Try it out now!

Corina's Corner: How to Photograph the Night Sky

One of my favorite things to photograph is the night sky. I am always looking for excuses to escape the city lights and stay up late to take pictures of the stars. I am continually trying to improve my skills but have learned a few things along the way.