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Poison in a small dose is a medicine, and a medicine in a large dose is a poison - Alfred Swaine Taylor, 19th-Century toxicologist.

The human heart by Leonardo da Vinci Anatomy Art, Human Anatomy, Heart Anatomy Drawing, Cardiac Anatomy, Anatomical Heart, Human Heart, Heart Art, Human Body, Art Drawings


Human Architecture “ Die Zeichnungen wurden auf zusammengesetzten Skizzenblättern angefertigt. Keine hochwertigen Materialien wurden verwendet, nur Stifte, Kinderwasserfarbe oder Kreide. Als würde das...

Ammonites become Ammolites with iridescent/colorful surfaces

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki Memento Mori in Sculpture 3d Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Tachisme, Art Sculpture, Paperclay, Art Moderne, Memento Mori, Art Plastique, Zbrush


Yoshitoshi Kanemaki, human anatomy paint on Camphor wood sculpture. #skeleton

soft anatomy sculpture by Andrew Delaney .Anno Domini Home . The Vivisector . Textile Fiber Art, Textile Artists, Textiles, Anatomy Sculpture, Biology Art, Male Figure Drawing, Ecole Art, Medical Art, A Level Art


Specimen # 8.Medical chart .detail .soft anatomy sculpture by Andrew Delaney .Anno Domini Home . The Vivisector .

Calcareous phytoplankton, SEM This small algal organism (coccolithophore) is surrounded by a skeleton (coccosphere) of calcium carbonate plates (coccoliths). Patterns In Nature, Textures Patterns, Photo Macro, Micro Photography, Nature Photography, Microscopic Photography, Microscopic Images, Macro And Micro, Fotografia Macro

Calcareous phytoplankton, SEM - Stock Image - C012/2295

Calcareous phytoplankton. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a Acanthoica acanthifera skeleton.

30 Images Of Life Under A Microscope: a diatom at magnification. Patterns In Nature, Textures Patterns, Organic Patterns, Op Art, Natural Structures, Natural Forms, Electron Microscope Images, Photo Macro, Microscopic Photography

30 Images Of Life Under A Microscope

Some of the world's most stunning beauties can't be seen with the naked eye. Every year, scientists and microscope devotees submit their images and movies…

Sculptures of human body parts made of fabric, by Karine Jollet anatomical heart contemporary art textile sculpture Sculpture Textile, Art Textile, Soft Sculpture, Textiles, Art Du Fil, Human Body Parts, Anatomical Heart, Heart Images, Human Heart

Karine Jollet - Med in Art

Fabric sculptures as an analogy to human biological tissues

Micrograph of a seed, from Seeds: Time Capsules of Life, by Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy Natural Structures, Natural Forms, Natural Texture, Microscopic Photography, Micro Photography, Microscopic Images, Plant Fungus, Macro And Micro, Organic Form

Wolfgang Stuppy, Seed Morphologist Extraordinaire

A botanist in England has teamed up with an artist to capture vivid images of seeds.

Coeur d'avant Art Textile, Textile Artists, Medical Art, Anatomical Heart, Heart Images, Human Heart, Anatomy Art, Crochet Art, Naive Art

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