Lukas Uteng da Silva

Lukas Uteng da Silva

Lukas Uteng da Silva
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Mini Power – Portable Mobile Phone Charger by Tsung Chih-Hsien

Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has created a Mini Power portable charger concept, which recently was named 2014 Red Dot Awards: Design Concept winner. Based on paper battery technology, Mini Power will be able to be recharged and recycled at any…

Fidget Rings

Maybe you fidget because you're anxious. Because you have ADHD. Because you're 5 minutes away from walking into the biggest interview of your life. Because you just drank 11 cups of coffee. Now fidgeters both young and old, ge

this bubble wrap never run out. Oh yeah

BUBBLE WRAP DESIGN KEY CHAIN~ Never-ending bubble wrap popper. Might be a good sensory tool for kids with autism or ADHD. -I don't care who they were invented for, ever person needs this!