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assassin's creed hidden blade blueprints (if you'd like to make one). This design belongs to Ammnra.

Recently discovered page on advanced hidden blade design by Leonardo da Vinci's decendant Chris "Ammnra" Myles. ooooor a little fun in Photoshop and . Ammnra Codex Page

"Sharper than a double edged sword" imagine if there was a sword with every page of a holy book within the folds of the blade.

Folding Steel for Sword Blades - Not including Highlander, there really are stories of Japanese bladesmiths who would fold a billet over 200 times!

Credit Card sized Knife $2.51 | Cool Gadget Toys

The Cardsharp Knife Is An Innovative New Idea That Provides A Light And Ultra Sharp Knife In The Shape And Size Of A Credit Card. gift ideas for dad, gifts for boyfriend, ideas for him