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the muscles are shown in different positions
The term “dessin” comes from French, and indicates drawing still lifes with pencils or charcoal using simply black and grey shades. It’s one of the basics of any kind of art - there’s no doubt that many of you in the past practiced drawing by drawing people, hands or lemons. It’s really hard to observe an object and draw it so that it’s identical to the reality, but this is how you become a better illustrator fast! You will just need pencil and paper, nothing else. This post is dedicated to ...
a drawing of a demon's head with long horns and an inverted circle around it
an image of the lower legs and upper leg muscles, showing different angles to each other
a pencil drawing of hands and bones with different angles to the left, right hand holding an object
human anatomy 4 by IvanLaliashvili on DeviantArt