• surf & snow at Lofoten island •

Arctic surfers by Yassine Ouhilal - Surf, lifestyle and travel photographer

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photographersdirectory: “ Hello, I’m trying to capture life and moments of my friends, family and places where feels like home to me. Place to call home for now is my country Serbia where I grew up. I’m Dorotea Dimitrijevic 24 year’s old, All.

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The Trend Diaries - Latest Celebrity Style, Fashion, and Beauty Trends - Street Style and Red Carpet

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• amazing colors •

• Lofoten island •

Adventuring in the ocean brings Léa as far afield as the snowy shores of the Arctic Ocean and the remote coral reefs of the Pacific Islands.

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Travel to Lapoint Surf Camp Ericeira and get a taste of this fisherman's village on the Atlantic coast, home to world class waves and great people.

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I was practicing skateboard tricks in my garage yesterday, and i fell on my shoulder, and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be bruised for a month :P haha -Taylor :D