New contest!! Not my art! Draw you mlp OC in the war ageist King Sombra! What would they look like? Due the 23rd! Good luck!

🍀War against king Sombra🍀Pinkie Pie🍀Rainbow Dash🍀Maud🍀(I don't own this art)🍀Mlp🗾

MLP Human paperchildren: The Musicians by on @deviantART

MLP Vinyl Scratch & Octavia (hope I spelled her mane right) XD

mlp___two_sides_of_vinyl_scratch_by_tehjadeh-d4m969r.jpg (600×773)

Drop that beat! ---- [edit after the season 2 finale] Vinyl's eye colour has been confirmed to be magenta-ish. MLP - Two Sides of Vinyl Scratch