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You have a secret. You have always seen a translucent number floating above everyone's head. Most have a 0, few 1, but your girlfriend has a 37. You witness a murder on the way to propose to your girlfriend. As the assailant pulls the trigger, you watch the number above his head go from 1 to 0. Story Inspiration, Story Ideas, Plot Ideas, Writing Inspiration, Writing Ideas, Writing Promps, Daily Writing Prompts, Cool Writing, Creative Writing Prompts

writing prompt | PROMPTUARIUM

A professor at University taught me this. It might be annoying AF, but it's a great process.

She is 100% right. There are parts of my story that I have rewritten, rearranged, or omitted entirely!!

Murderer's mark. Maybe she grows up to be a supervillain...or maybe she kills in defense of a loved one. Possibilities, possibilities... Story Prompts, Reddit Writing Prompts, Fantasy Writing Prompts, Book Prompts, Creative Writing Prompts, Dialogue Prompts, Teen Writing Prompts, Journal Prompts For Teens, Writing Inspiration

Writing prompt - Every human being is born with a birthmark signifying a great deed they are fated to do in their lives. Your first child has just been born with the mark of a murderer across her face.

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You realize the government is searching for a alien test all kids for traces of aliens. When you see your supposed parents You realize that they arent you parents and that you arent even from earth, in fact you are from a completely different solar system

OMG ITS THAT ONE GAME  fuck can't remember the name it's the one where you have to take pills or the road people will kill you basically because reality is a lie and the pills keep people complacent Writing Ideas, Writing Inspiration, Writing Promps, Cool Writing, Writing Advice, Writing Help, Story Inspiration, Story Ideas, Book Prompts

Join the resistance.

me: look dude I just wanted a freakin root beer pls I don't wanna join ur freakin cult << first, ima ask what the real world is like. If it’s better, ima join. No hesitation. But if it’s worse, ima stay

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Angela: “Ugh, Fight me.” Moira: “I’m starting to think you just like me pinning you against things, darling” Angela coughed, choked, and felt her skin grow hot as Moira smirked.

Or even unintentionally almost dying because they are unaware or are intentionally ignoring the narrator Daily Writing Prompts, Writing Promps, Creative Writing Prompts, Writing Boards, Cool Writing, Story Prompts, Writing Help, Writing Ideas, Writing Inspiration

Just randomly going along as the narrator becomes slowly more concerned, then at each attempt the narrator goes from calmly analyzing the situation to yelling the ways the attempts fail. <<< Narrator: WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS Protagonist: I DONT KNOW

Your hear a voice saying. "You should do what it says. You don't know what could happen if you don't." Not questioning it you leave the house and Rubin a random direction. You can't see much because it's 2:00 am but soon you double over in pain coughing up blood. You pass out and wake up in a containment unit used to keep people on the brink of death alive with your hands and feet chained together. And with a thirst for blood...