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MISLABELED This is NOT a baby giraffe! It's a baby Dik Dik. A very small species of antelope. A baby giraffe is tall at birth.this Dik Dik won't even reach tall as an adult.

PLEASE READ SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! my cat ( lizzy this is not lizzy but she looks close to this) always comes into my bed then stares at the stars. could this mean something? i think it does i think she was part of a clan in the forest. i also have EVEN more evidence that Erin hunters stories are true,i saw a whole neighborhood being built where there was once a forest and ya know how they had to leave? because of the twolegs( humans) took over? starclan is real!!! Health Tips, Cat Health, Tops, Animals, Animales, Animaux, Animal, Tank Tops, Cat Health Care

Top 10 Senior Cat Health Tips for Your Aging Feline - edwardjose.

chocolate lab husky...this looks like my cgarley when he was a puppy but darker.

chocolate lab husky mix

what bunnies actually look like

iz kyoot

Omg! What bunnies actually look like.

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Sometimes you just got to stop and smell the flowers! :) Golden retriever puppy smelling a pink tulip.