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Miniature Furniture / Fairy Garden campfire set
Donni at The Magic Onions wrote super instructions about how to make a Fairy Garden. She has great garden advice and lets the kids do the work.  I'm fully impressed.
Fairy Garden Acorn Bird Bath for houseplant, home decor, fairy gardening, bonsai, miniature, doll houses, holidays and more!

Fairy Garden

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Great way to pick your veggies and wash them off outside with the hose.


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The Simple Guide to Pruning Hydrangea| Gardening, Gardening Hacks, How to Prune Hydrangea, Pruning Hydrangea, Gardening Tips and Tricks, Pruning Hydrangea, Growing Hydrangea, How to Grow Hydrangea
Try this simple hydrangea trick if your plants never quite look as beautiful as you'd like them to!
How To Prep Hydrangeas for Winter - 6 Steps. Follow these 6 easy steps to winterize your hydrangeas and keep them healthy.


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Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable 10 Ft. W x 14 Ft. D Greenhouse
13 Cheap & Easy DIY Greenhouses, this gives me a great idea for my fall planting in my container garden.


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Pacific patio garden landscaped with smokebush, wintercreeper, nandina, spirea, petunia, hydrangea and ornamental grasses.
50 backyard hacks that are borderline genius
bar height fire pit

Patio/Fire Pit/Deck

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Maybe add a little hanging basket with some fake flowers... ?
50 Shades of Haint Blue - a helpful round-up list of 'Haint Blue' (or, 'Dirt Dauber Blue') paint colors from various sources to select from for your home's porch ceiling
The tarnished bronze finish and classic cage design creates a vintage look that also fits in a modern outdoor decor. Operation is easy with its included wall control which can be installed in place of an existing wall switch.


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I've done these for grape vines, melons, beans, cucumbers, and flowers.  love love love. So easy.  4 t posts 1 cattle panel from a local farm store.  Usually, all under $30.00
How to Start Blueberry Plants From Another Grown Plant
How to Grow Pomegranates From Cuttings (5 Steps) | eHow


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80 DIY Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas (77)
Growing Hens and Chicks {Succulents} - These grow beautifully on my deck (Zone 6) so I am going to try to seprate the ones I have for more plants using this information.


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Lemongrass is a fabulous addition to your recipes and surprisingly easy to grow! You can even propagate it from cuttings.
Mint shown, Most fresh herbs will sprout if you put them in water. Basil sprouts REALLY quickly that way.
Cutting your Herbs~Tutorial: How to cut herbs - for basil don't pluck leaves off, instead trim stem. Leave two sets of leaves on stem (leaves grow in pairs across from each other). Cut immediately above the second set of leaves from the ground. Plant will then grow new branches from this cut.


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Growing roses from cuttings with potatoes. Very detailed with pictures and step-by-step/easy to follow instructions.
Where to Cut Roses to Help Them Grow Bushy and Flower More: After blooming, cut just above an eye (shown in pic). In early spring, you cut the roses all the way down, just above ground at the third eye...


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How to Deadhead Flowers and Tips for Container Planting. Pick a Thriller, A Filler & A Spiller - Love That Tip!!!

Propagating & Pruning

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Tower of Flowers or Tiered Front Porch Fairy Garden


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Create Stunning Hanging Baskets - Use these 28 easy plant-by-numbers recipes to put together the most beautiful hanging baskets in your neighborhood.

Hanging Baskets

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Fall Hanging Baskets and I love them! Definitely more of them in my future. Ornamental Cabbage, Heather, Blue Fescue, Gaillardia, Aster and Pansies
Plant a Winter Hanging Basket - on HGTV
Best Ideas for Fall Container Gardening | Cheery Chrysanthemums | SouthernLiving.com

Fall Flowers

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Make a Lady Bug Hotel : HGTV Gardens...better than pesticide
Tips For Getting Rid Of Gnats.  I had no idea these plant/fungus gnats caused damage to the plant.  Definitely getting rid of these guys!
Stuff to plant that mosquitos HATE.


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a fire pit made out of logs and rocks
a man is digging in the ground with a shovel
Put a race course for Matchbox cars in your backyard.
a white building with several windows and plants in it
Пин от пользователя Ingela Gray на доске Tr\u00E4dg\u00E5rd | Идеи устройства заднего двора, Дом мечты, Дизайн озеленение
a wooden sign with numbers and plants hanging on the side of a white house wall
thelostgypsyCo - Etsy
a wooden sign with two succulents in it and the number twenty four
The Key to Succeeding in Woodworking Projects