The Italian Dish - I love the splash of colour on the inside and conservative colours on the outside.

kitten mittens

Insomnia pattern by Kalinumba

Twined Knitting mittens (3)

The pattern of lines reminds me of Frank Stella (twined knitting mittens by hillyknits)

Pattern for sale on Ravelry

Octopus Mittens pattern by Emily Peters

Chevron Love Mittens by Julia Vesper

Chevron Love Mittens pattern by Julia Vesper

They may look complicated, but these colorwork mittens are a breeze to knit! Only two colors are in play at one time, and the Chevron pattern is an easy 6 stitch repeat.


Giraffe cowl and mittens pattern by Jorid Linvik

Mitten pattern by Spillyjane

Prickly Thistle Mittens pattern by SpillyJane

Somewhere between William Morris’ tapestries, Byzantine herbals, my own scribblings and the Fourth Style of Roman wall-painting these mittens happened.

Ravelry: Aglow Mittens pattern by Kristina Vilimaite

Aglow Mittens pattern by Kristina Vilimaite

Most beautiful! Ravelry: Aglow Mittens pattern by Kristina Vilimaite. Warm mitts with lace cover.