This is totally cute and I reckon I could knit those little cats all over a cardigan. Cuteness overload!

cat chart nice colorway for this

猫咪手套 - 北疆昆仑 - 北疆昆仑的博客  Det er da de fedeste vanter, jeg længe har set!

really cute cat mittens graph

красивые варежки

very gentle female mittens with a magnificent ornament v t1.0-9 22007785_10211701707677180_6114963245549208918_n.jpg?oh=2fde10ff6b0751731430900886323357&oe=5A804526

Billedresultat for moomin knitting pattern

pallas - its in finnish but if you know how to do stranded mitts shouldnt be a problem

Pallas - its in finnish but if you know how to do stranded mitts shouldnt be a problem. Loving these wolf mittens.

diagram strikka votter - Google-søk

Bilderesultat for diagram strikka votter

Ida Amalies Hobbykrok: Mummitrollet

Bilderesultat for moomin knitting pattern

Вязание, Рукоделие, Кулинария

Beautiful gloves with jacquard . Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries



Вот такие варежки...

Вот такие варежки...

votter diagram - Google-haku

Mitten pattern with dancer

Mustrilaegas: Labakindad / Mittens

Mustrilaegas: A Kudumine / Knitting. Great collection of patterns from old magazines that have been published in Estonia.


Mittens with an ornament

Graph Only.

ЛОПАПЕЙСА | жаккард и вышивка

ЛОПАПЕЙСА | жаккард и вышивка