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6★/5★ Rangiku Matsumoto - Spirit Society version - Mind - 1371

A hone-onna (bone woman) who lives in the Spirit Society alternate dimension. Like the Rangiku that Ichigo and his friends know, she has a big-sisterly tendency to want to take care of others. However, she becomes quarrelsome when drunk. She is old friends with the leader of the foxes. - Soul Reaper - No Affiliation killer - Strong attack recharge time -12% - Sprinter (+1), Havoc (+20%), Bruiser (+20%), Berserker (+20%), Devastation (+40%), Frenzy, Debilitator (+5 secs.), Freeze Duration…


”記事内の画像は全てBLEACH Brave Soulsより引用”スマートフォン用ゲーム『BLEACH Brave Souls』(ブレソル)クリスマスのサンタコスプレ、夏の水着すがたなど、原作のブリーチにはない様々な衣装になったオリジナルキ…

6★/5★ Szayelaporro Grantz - CFYOW version - Mind - 1358

Szayelaporro's appearance after he unlocks a power greater than Resurrección as he strives to achieve the "perfect" existence: the ability to continually reincarnate. This original version of Szayelaporro was created as part of the "Can't Fear Your Own World" novel tie-in. - Arrancar, Espada - Soul Reaper killer - Strong attack recharge time -12% - Sprinter (+1), Bruiser (+20%), Havoc (+20%), Frenzy, Devastation (+40%), Debilitator (+2 secs.), Poison Duration -100%

6★/5★ Barragan Ruizenban - CFYOW version - Speed - 1377

Barragan's appearance after he escapes from the abyss of death and returns to his throne. This original version of Barragan was created as part of the "Can't Fear Your Own World" novel tie-in. - Arrancar, Espada - Arrancar killer - Strong attack recharge time -12% - Sprinter (+1), Bruiser (+20%), Berserker (+20%), Frenzy, Devastation (+40%), Debilitator (+5 secs.), Weaken Duration -100%, Last-Ditch Survival 100%


”記事内の画像は全てBLEACH Brave Soulsより引用”スマートフォン用ゲーム『BLEACH Brave Souls』(ブレソル)クリスマスのサンタコスプレ、夏の水着すがたなど、原作のブリーチにはない様々な衣装になったオリジナルキ…

Halibel Second Release (Canonical) | Bleach

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Un Poco De Todo :v

Eren x levi

Remulok Ryujin | Bleach Amino

I finally got to the point of drawing my Oc Arrancar Remulok Ryujin at least her adult form so i can

my succubus girlfriend t1 y t2!

Las extrañas vivencias de alguien peculiar


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Ichigo El Gran Rey Hollow

¿Qué hubiera pasado si Rukia no hubiese llegado para darle poderes de Shinigami a Ichigo? ¿Qué hubiera pasado si el Hollow lo mató en su lugar? ¿Cómo afectaría esto a los planes de la traición de Aizen? Ichigo es comido por un Hollow después de su muerte y despierta en el desierto desolado que es Hueco Mundo como un Gillian.

starwars6 User Profile | DeviantArt

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Harpy Arrancar OC ~ by Ami

Anime doll by Ami. I really really like making harpies on here,Harpy Arrancar OC,Bleach

igniSopitus: Photo

Hello! Thank you for checking out my works! I hope you enjoy some of them!

Noveno Espada Nivie by LordSecond on DeviantArt

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