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This is the personal style of one Lord Jason Allan Scott - Event planner- based in London - The Lady Gaga of global events
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an octopus and skull tattoo design on a white paper with watermarking in the bottom corner
Tattoo Ideas
Experience the artistry of self-expression with this arm tattoo. The harmonious combination of lines and shapes tells a unique story of personal journey and creative freedom. Wear your history with pride. 🎨✨
Lisbon, Portugal, Lisbon Portugal
a man in a suit and tie wearing sunglasses
6 Celebrity Haircuts That Are Way Better Than “Just the Regular”
an octopus is painted in bright colors on a black background and it's eyes are open
Octopus - Mint Decoupage Paper
Octopus - Mint Decoupage Paper
493001_mrp_e1_xl Gucci Loafers Men, Gentleman Shoes, Bit Loafers, Mens Shoes Boots
The Enduring Appeal of Ostentatious Loafers.