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1937 Blue Small Tank Crocker

Most classic motorcycles simply look ‘old’. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But a tiny handful still have the power to stop the traffic, decades after they were built—like this 1937 Crocker ‘Big Tank.’ Just beautiful!

epic little people floor!

Epic Floor Design, although I'm not sure what the idea is. if laid with clear or glass tiles to see the design would be different, but to put black tiles over doesn't make any sense. I wonder if you get a magnifying glass to view the floor.

Nutella Nutella Nutella

My favorite chocolates are Ferreo's. I had never had Nutella before. I was searching on the interwebz looking for history of the chocolate and discovered. Nutella was from the same chocolate man.I have been addicted to Nutella since.

Beyond the Gates of Hell

Beyond the Gates of Hell