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I'll do my best to not  judge you after the  ignorant comment you  just made about a  health condition  you know nothing  about . Gas Station, Best Friends, Case Study, Funny Stuff, Period, Someecards, Depression, Business Meeting, Memes


I promise that I will only visit the House of Sin on Saturdays unless provoked and have to attend a 'business meeting'.

I wish I could post this with offending people, but really I love peoples children just going through a rough time Rough Time, Endometriosis, Infertility Hurts, Ivf Clinic, Irregular Periods, Conceiving, Pcos Symptoms, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Getting Pregnant

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Hahaha!!! The story of my dang life!!!! Laugh Out Loud, Ashley Ann, Endometriosis, Infertility Quotes, Pcos Infertility, Cheer Up Quotes Funny, Funny Quotes, Quotable Quotes, Fertility Prayer

NO SEX FOR YOU: Law Proposed to Ban 'Make Up Sex' Without the State's Okay

10 Cards That Accurately Explain Life With Infertility. Trying to find the humor. Especially like the ones about clomid, that was totally me Infertility Hurts, Clomid, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, After Pregnancy, Conceiving, Endometriosis, Getting Pregnant, Turner Syndrome, Family Planning

Babble | Entertainment, News, and Lifestyle for Moms

10 Cards That Accurately Explain Life With Infertility. Especially like the ones about clomid, that was totally me

Please do not tell me that it took you three months to get pregnant and that you were so worried that you may never be able to have children but thank goodness you went on a vacation/bought a house/stopped trying because then you got preggers!  Don't tell me that story and try to relate.  Because I'll hit you.  Really hard.  With a bat. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Infertility Hurts, Clomid, Trying To Conceive, Conceiving, Getting Pregnant, Deep Thoughts, Iui Treatment, Adult Humor

Had to share...So true!

This always annoys me. Women who took clomid or metformin from their OB or family doctor and got pregnant and think they can relate to IUI or IVF. Thankfully for them, they have no real clue!,infertility,PCOS,P

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Okay, if you’re going to be online, at least spend your time on sites that that can offer more than Aunt Millie’s cat pictures or the latest Bill Lumbergh meme. Here are ten sites that …

Another pinner put it very well: This is one of the most painful myths for couples to hear. First it suggests that adoption is only a means to an end, not an happy and successful end in itself. Second, it is simply not true. Studies reveal that the rate for achieving pregnancy after adopting is the same as for those who do not adopt. Infertility Quotes, Pcos Infertility, Adoption Quotes, Endometriosis, Foster Care Adoption, Foster To Adopt, Unexplained Infertility, Marriage Humor, Trying To Conceive

I truly only know one family that adopted and got pregnant afterward (however pregnancy was never the problem). This is one of the most useless and hurtful things that you can say to someone battling infertility.

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Don't let my looks deceive you. I have the mouth of a Marine, temper of an Italian housewife, and the tolerance of an Irishman!

Life is Serious Business: Infertility Humor Pcos, Rick James, Haha Funny, Funny Pics, Hilarious, Funny Pictures, Funny Humor, It's Coming, Someecards Sarcasm

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: When you say everything happens for a reason, don't be surprised when I slap you in the face. It happened for a reason. Create and send your own custom Confession ecard.

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Happiness is having wonderful and weird friends who match my level of crazy.

Exactly!!! Click here to find out more myths and facts about IVF. Pcos Infertility, Infertility Quotes, Endometriosis, Surrogacy, Failed Ivf, Fertility Doctor, Ivf Cycle, Trying To Conceive, Ivf Success Stories

Pregnancy questions what can help to get pregnant,when am i most fertile calculator when do i ovulate calculator,natural ivf the fertility clinic.

A great reminder to be sensitive to what other women are facing! Whether adoption or pregnancy, we all have hardships along the journey! #infertility #friends #sensitive Trying To Get Pregnant, Getting Pregnant, Watch Over Me, Trying To Conceive, Conceiving, Peanuts Comics, Feelings, Cool Stuff, Blog

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i would love to feel that way again and makes me mad for a woman to be pregnant and not to love every min of it because i would love it but it has been taken away from me 2 times now

Our dogs and cats are our fur-kids and kids...fur-babies...part of our personal yes, please do get over it...or share how much you love your pet family we're talking! Mundo Animal, My Animal, Animal Pictures, Baby Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Doggies, Dachshunds, Animals And Pets, Cute Animals

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Ratchet bitch talk, text, call, IM to UR husband about ur problems, not MINE. That's why he's cheating on ur ass! Keep you legs n mouth closed n fix ur shit or I'll fix you. I'm just sayin.