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How To Raise A Child While Disciplining Less - Diary of a First Child

Elisabeth from Manic Mrs Stone posted this (via The Child Whisperer) a couple of days ago, and I have not been able to get it off my mind. My life circumstances are such at the moment that Ameli is in a different country, in a new home, missing her daddy something fierce and surrounded by …

10 things to say to your kids

Ten Powerful Things to Say to Your Kids

I’m honored that Rachel Macy Stafford, author of the blog and book titled Hands Free Mama as well as the soon-to-be released Hands Free Life: 9 Habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better, and...

10 things to stop saying to kids (and what to say instead). Very good words that every teacher and parent should know!

10 Things to Stop Saying to Your Kids (and What to Say Instead)

Current research shows that some of the most commonly used and seemingly positive phrases we use with kids are actually quite destructive. Despite our good intentions, these statements teach children to stop trusting their internal guidance system, to become deceptive, to do as little as possible, and to give up when things get hard.

I need to post this on my wall and read it daily...

Quick Quotes Scrapbook CO

Quick Quotes Scrapbook Company designs easy-to-use kits, 12”x12” designer paper, embellishments, Powder Puff Chalking Inks, Club Q kit-of-the month club, and now our exclusive scrapbook weekends. The focus of Quick Quotes is to make quality products that touch your heart and make you smile.

Come Together Kids: 10 Crafts and Activities for Boys

10 Crafts and Activities for Boys

December always seems to be the month for "Best of" lists. So, with my almost 8-year old son's help, I've compiled this collection o...

Classroom Decor And Organization Ideas - This post is FULL of great ideas for making your classroom bright and colorful :)

Classroom Decor And Organization

Hi everyone, I'm here today to show you MY CLASSROOM! Yay!! I took lots of pictures before taking it all down for the summer so I have plenty to show :) Let's start with my reading corner. This is always my favorite part because I love everything that happens in the reading corner, not matter what grade I am teaching! I made my title by sticking cut-out letters (from Scholastic) onto plastic plates from the Dollar store. I get so many compliments for this display! Here is my storage area…

The Sharpener that all the teachers are talking about. It was even made by a teacher...may have to get this one.

Meet the Pencil Police and Your New Best Friend

Hi! I'm Teri! I am a first grade teacher and blogger at A Cupcake for the Teacher. On my blog I share classroom ideas, tips and tricks, and K-2 teaching resources. I enjoy writing and crafting, so I love to create activities that tie both together.

Snake Identification

15 of Smokey Bear's Best Nature Posters

15 Smokey Bear posters were created in the mid-1980s for a major state and federal fire prevention campaign. Explore the collection and their message.

Morse Code - good to know

How to Become a Morse Code Expert

Before cell phones even before telephones, people communicated through Morse code. Despite being a technology that is over 160 years... View Article

USA common spider identification chart

Spider Identification: Common Spiders in the United States – Best Columbus Pest Control

Spiders can be very helpful in getting rid of insect pests. However, most people prefer that these natural predators stay out of their homes, especially the


50+ Back to School Ideas - The Inspiration Board

Today I’m back with 50 back to school ideas! Where did the summer go? It’s already time to start back to school! Crazy, isn’t it? Here are 50 back to school ideas to get you on your way! We’ve rounded up the very best ideas for you all in one spot. So many great ideas here....

After School Routine Checklist.  You will be a better teacher if you do this each day.  CW

After School Routine Checklist

I think it is really important to keep yourself and your classroom organized. I was not a born organized person, but had to work hard to develop routines and systems to keep myself organized. As a teacher nothing makes me happier than coming into a clean classroom with everything in its place. It can be very difficult some days to leave your classroom as organized as you would like (at least it can be for me). I came up with this end of the day routine a few years ago when I had a student…

Glowing playdough recipe | Tinkerlab.com

Glowing Playdough Recipe | TinkerLab

2 reviews
25 minutes

Make traditional play dough...that also happens to glow!