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We must give time to nature so that she may be a mother to us. I have found the way to live here as part of nature, to live in my own time. People in the modern world are always living so that something better is to happen tomorrow, always in the future, so they don't think to live their lives. They are up in the head. When a man begins to know himself, to discover the roots of his past in himself, it is a new way of life. ~Carl Jung,

The spirit can easily be anything, but the earth can only be something definite. So remaining true to the earth would mean maintaining your conscious relationship to the body. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Page 66

Carl Jung Depth Psychology: "Matter" comes from the root word "Mater" or "Mother" and is Ultimately the "Great Mother"

Anna Perenna was an old Roman deity of the circle or "ring" of the year, as the name (per annum) clearly indicates. Her festival fell on the Ides of March (March