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a set of wooden stairs with metal handrails
Home Interior Design
Home Interior Design
close up view of the wood grained finish on this cabinet door
Hélène & Olivier Lempereur #HOLempereur #material
an empty room with wooden walls and cupboards
We know what's good for you
onsomething: Vincent Van Duysen
a living room filled with furniture next to large windows and a tree in the corner
BAL - Logg
BALESTRAND-cabin interior - living room
an empty room with stools and barstools on the floor in front of a wooden wall
HRT - Logg
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used as a guest room for two people
LÆR - Logg
LAERDAL - interior bathroom and bedroom
an empty room with white walls and wood flooring on the side, along with a black chair
OEV6 - Logg
ONKEL-ERIKS-VEI-skylight by inner wall in living room
an empty room with wood flooring and white walls in the center is lit by recessed lights
PIL28 - Logg
PILESTREDET-corten rotunda and meeting room
the stairs are painted blue and orange with yellow numbers on them, as well as metal handrails
PIL28 - Logg
PILESTREDET- interior stairwell
an empty warehouse with white walls and floors
SOV10 - Logg
SOV 10 - epoxy floor
an empty warehouse filled with metal racks and yellow poles on the floor, while one person is standing in the distance
SOV10 - Logg
Sven Oftedals Vei 10 - IKEA´s storage areas before moving in
a dining room table with chairs and a vase on it in front of a couch
NOR1 - Logg
NOREFJELL-living room
a dining room table with chairs and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
NOR1 - Logg
NOREFJELL-kitchen and dining area
a kitchen with wooden floors and an island in front of a window that has lights hanging from the ceiling
NOR1 - Logg
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
JFL1 - Logg
JOMFRULAND- scandinavian & light birch kitchen