Lene Sørensen

Lene Sørensen

Lene Sørensen
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the second star to the right Neverland collarbone tattoo. So simple. :)

Looking for a unique tattoo peter pan? We got it all. the second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning., "To die would be an awfully big adventure", Second Star To The Right And Straight On 'Till Morning

Even better #pocahontas #tattoo I'd want the leaves colored like they are in the movie tho

yes i am obsessed with pocahontas, but the whole leaves tattoo is really catching my eye as part of my next one I am getting!

Pocahontas Disney tattoo... different placement, but love this!

My tattoo artist and I chose this tattoo and modified it accordingly, as we initially found the basic tattoo design online, but made it my own by adding the necklace! And when money allows, the wind and coloured leaves and red lips will be added!