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an image of a painting of men in prison
Vincent Van Gogh, la sfida creativa di un "suicidato della società"
people are sitting at tables in a brightly colored room
Pushwagner - Kunstnernes hus
an escalator with many people walking up and down it in front of them
a black and white drawing of a man walking through space with planets in the background
Pushwagner - Cosmos (monokrom)
a group of people sitting at a long table with food in front of them on the floor
Pushwagner - Requiem (EA)
an animated drawing of a child rollerblading in a subway station
Pushwagner - Subway kid
a painting of two people sitting on a bed next to each other and one is holding the head of another person
a black and white drawing of a man in front of a woman with long hair
a painting of people walking down a road
MUNCH Triennale
a painting of two people walking down a snow covered path with trees in the background
a painting of a man looking at something in front of him with buildings behind him
Master of misery: Edvard Munch at Tate Modern – in pictures
a painting of some people in a room
Death in the Sickroom - Edvard Munch - Google Arts & Culture