Love the idea of using a large doily for a chair seat, and not trimming the edges. Just letting them become a "skirt."

Shabby chic is a soft, feminine and romantic way of decoration style that looks comfortable and inviting. Are you passionate about the shabby chic interior design and decoration? Check out these awesome shabby chic decor diy ideas & projects.

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Small dining rooms and areas are inherently a lot more difficult to design than compact bedrooms and tiny living spaces. Turn a small dining room into a focal point of your house with these tips and tricks.

sock monkey chair!

Minneapolis-based designer Rebecca Yaker loves Sock Monkeys and sewing so much that she’s combined them to create an awesome Sock Monkey Chair, Sock Monkey Clothing and Sock Monkey Gowns.

Upcycled 1950s Bartolomew Cocktail Chair - Citrus Orange Underground Velvet

The Bartholomew cocktail chairs were produced in Germany in the with tapered legs typical of the period and a plain curved back that hugs you

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