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an illustrated poster showing different types of boats
Dog Camping Checklist (Infographic)
Dog Camping Checklist Infographic
a woman petting a dog on top of a mountain
Local news, sports, business, politics, entertainment, travel, restaurants and opinion for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.
Pet safety - hiking and camping with your dog
the contents of a backpack laid out on the ground next to it's contents
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We see people on trails all the time carrying nothing but a small water bottle. Did you know there are actually ten essentials for survival that you are expected to carry in the backcountry? These essentials are supposed to apply even for short day hikes. Below, I’ve analyzed them as daypack essentials, with suggestions for what is necessary, what isn’t, and some small extras you can add to ward off many disasters on the trail.
several skewers of bread on a black plate with green grass in the background
Brown Bears
Brown Bears | "My kids love making these brown bear biscuits for breakfast whenever we go camping. They're super simple and no prep for mom!"
a close up of a metal object with a black handle and two red knobs
3 Best Tent Heaters For Camping For Sale Online
Coleman BlackCat PerfecTemp Catalytic Heater with InstaStart or another comparable make. This is a 3,000-BTU heating unit that runs up to 7 hours on one 16 oz propane cylindar. It isn't going to heat a large room, but will help in a medium size tent. Think of it as taking the chill off or something to keep you from freezing up over night.
a blue bowl filled with meat, cheese and crackers on top of a table
Camping Menus
camping menus
a sandwich sitting on top of a metal can
Tin Can Camp Stove
Tin Can or Hobo Camp Stove, and how to make a cardboard + wax fuel source in a second tin can
a woman sitting on the ground with several bottles and buckets in front of her
Female hygiene: a backcountry guide and tips - Andrew Skurka
Female hygiene: a backcountry guide and tips - I'm definitely making myself a pee-rag.