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DIY- free template- Low Poly Mask by kongorilla - Thingiverse

ianbrooks: “ Low Poly Mask by Kongorilla We don’t live in a neon-glow version of a Dystopian Big Brother state just yet (but there’s still time!), though artist Kongorilla is ready to help with.

The rules of magic from various fantasy worlds

[CasaGiardino] ♛ The Rules of Magic, According to the Greatest Fantasy Sagas of All Time Magic is mysterious and ancient, and its workings are often beyond the understanding of mere mortals. But that doesn't mean that magic doesn't have rules.

An overview of the Greek gods of myth, the main players, from Apollo to Zeus, what they do, and how they all fit together. infografía

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week What was the role of gods in Greek and Roman society? The Greek and Roman culture were polytheists, which means they believed in many gods. The Rom