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several images of trees and benches in various stages of construction, including the building's roof
Ergonomic Office Furniture - Everything You Need for a Fully Ergonomic Workplace
Office Greenhouse by OpenAD_OpenAD created this contemporary office in 2012 for a company located in Riga, Latvia. The space features an open plan and an indoor forest of trees and potted plants.
two people sitting on benches in the middle of an open area with grass and trees
Somos YPF Solar
Imágenes para disfrutar lo bello del verde.
an artist's rendering of a skate park in the shape of a giant heart
PLANDA Architectes Reims / Paris
Nouveau Projet en Ligne / New Project on line: Léo Lagrange Projet du Skatepark de 2000m2 en collaboration avec Constructo. dans le Parc Léo Lagrange. Reims, 51. Studio Planda↕ Project of the Skatepark of 2000m2 with Constructo, in the Park Léo Lagrange. Reims, 51.
several children are walking up and down the stairs at a playground with red carpeting
van-campenvaart-8 « Landscape Architecture Platform
van-campenvaart-8 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
people are riding bikes on an artificial bike track
Parque Pulse - Hometeka
Parque Pulse | CEBRA | bim.bon
an aerial view of a green area with many trees and bushes in it, including the road
Women's Clothing, Designer Handbags, Accessories, Dresses, Jackets, Outerwear, Knits Akris
Roberto Burle Marx...brilliant!
an aerial view of a playground with swings and slides
a person walking down a colorful walkway in the middle of a park with grass and trees
Peninsula_Burswood_HASSELL-(2) « Landscape Architecture Platform
Peninsula_Burswood_HASSELL-(2) « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
people are sitting on benches in the middle of a city square with yellow painted markings
Hassell | Our Projects. Architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design.
HASSELL | Projects - Nicholson Street Mall Interesting concept, how cheap paint can transform space
a person sitting on a bench under a tree with their legs crossed in front of them
heritage garden landscape architecture intervention
heritage garden landscape architecture intervention - Pesquisa Google
an aerial view of a skateboard park with ramps and trees in the center, surrounded by greenery
Fantasia Mixed-Use Landscape
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