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Marble sculpture. ~ETS #sublimeart #sculpture #marble

Marble Folds - still blows my mind how artists can create something so detailed, delicate and fragile looking like this, just amazes me.

Sculptural Textiles is an investigation within the field of textile design exploring sculptural possibilities for machine woven textiles. By combining contrasting yarns and textile construction the project aims to create a range of textiles that can be shaped by hand and adapted to various settings. The essence of this project is in the subtle meeting between contrasts in material such as shiny-dull, elastic-stiff, transparent-opaque, rough-smooth, natural and synthetic and how these…

Fabric Manipulation - sculptural textile design with undulating structure; textiles for fashion // Statira Jazayeri

The Importance of Ma, Olivia Hearnshaw, fashion, LTVs, Lancia TrendVisions

Fashion designer Olivia Hearnshaw was inspired by the Japanese concept of “Ma” for her graduate collection “The importance of Ma”, presented at the University of Brighton, where she completed her course in Fashion Design with Business studies.