Woodland Icelandic Sweater / Lopapeysa ash lett lopi

MADE TO ORDER Woodland Icelandic Sweater made with ash and an original yoke design of black, beige and oatmeal. Hand knit with aran weight

Veðurfræðingurinn - weatherman pattern by G. Dagbjört Guðmundsdóttir

Free knitting pattern - Norwegian Lopapeysa Sweater pattern by Katrine Hammer

Steinkriger pattern by Katrine

Steinkriger (Norwegian Lopapaysa) by Katrine Hammer “Steinkriger” means strong warrior (stone warrior)

I'm loving the warm knitwear and the coldness of the air that you can sense from the pic.


beautiful sweater, colors and lighting.this picture looks like a modern version of a Dutch Vermeer painting: Girl at the Window

Herborg jakken - Redd Barna strikkepakke (L/XL)

Herborg jakken - Redd Barna strikkepakke (L/XL)

naisen palmikkoneulepusero

The stitches for the hem are picked up from the upper part and the hem is worked top down using the Novita Nordic Wool Flow yarn.