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What a great dog house. Can go inside if they want, or out on the porch if they want and still contained without having to be on a chain. Plus no mud when it rains.

Now that is what a dog house should look like....

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Alejandro Tejada

And God said, “Let there be puppies.” As cute as these puppies are.not one of them is as adorable as my Granddog, Bentley!

This is so true but I am sure in their minds they are barking at Something!

I don’t always bark at night but when I do, it’s for no reason….Muhahahaha!!!

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Dogs Love you more than anything else & are always there! This looks like our 'Sandy' dog.God Bless her.

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No one on earth will love you more, be more patient with your moods, or keep your secrets better than your dog. So if you have a dog, love it and treat it good.