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many seashells are sitting on the table together, some have candles in them
Schelpenkransjes voor schelpen en lontjes gaat u naar Goedkoop-bloemschikken. Foto geplaatst door goedkpbloemschikken op Welke.nl
Schelpenkransjes voor schelpen en lontjes gaat u naar Goedkoop-bloemschikken
a table made out of logs with flowers in a vase on top and an image of a man's hand holding a cell phone
Wood Logs and Stumps DIY Ideas Projects & Furniture Instructions
DIY Rustic Log Side Table Instructions - Raw Wood Logs and Stumps DIY Ideas Projects
spoons and forks are arranged in the shape of a butterfly on a black surface
DIY Silver Spoon Art for Home and Garden
DIY Silver Spoon Butterfly Art for Home and Garden
a glass flower is sitting in the grass
Everything made of Glass
four round baskets sitting on top of green grass next to two black and white pillows
DIY Rope Ottomans
These DIY rope ottomans are so cool! Students would love using them as seating, and they'd match the decor theme in your ocean, garden, nautical, and farm classroom themes!
two pictures one with a chandelier and the other with potted flowers
Upcycling vintage light fixtures for the garden
Bought an old light fixture for $5.00..painted it black…replaced the bulbs with solar lights…and then I was going to hang it from a shepherds hook..but then I noticed it would slide right into a piece of conduit…so I painted that black also. Inserted that into the ground. Instant light with no wiring!
some people are making flowers out of rocks and stones on the ground, with text overlay
4 einfache PINTEREST Balkon gestalten DIY's
4 einfache Balkon-DIY's
an ottoman made out of ties sitting on top of a table
30 Home Decorating Ideas, DIY Designs to Reuse and Recycle Old Ties
Ottoman made from old neckties. A great gift for dad when he retires and doesn't need all those ties anymore.
some mason jars and whisk are sitting on a kitchen counter with the words, flip - str - whisk
Rustic Mason jar utensil holder
mason jar kitchen decor - mason jar centerpiece - rustic kitchen decor – Stacy Turner Creations #homedecorideas
three metal sculptures are in the middle of a gravel area with trees and bushes behind them
A szomszédom levágott pár fűzfavesszőt, meggyökereztette őket, majd elkezdett alkotni! A nyaralóba nincs ennél jobb megoldás… - Bidista.com - A TippLista!
a chandelier hanging from the side of a wooden wall
The Upcycled Garden Volume 7: Using Recycled Salvaged Materials In Your Garden