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Lise Kleven

Lise Kleven
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Dragonfly with bamboo on Rice Paper by Liza Paizis. This paper is also known as Rice Paper but it is made from Mulberry trees. It is beautiful to paint on in a spontaneous, direct way much like the Chinese style of brush painting called Shui-mo.


Inspiration for sketch a day challenge day Love. radiantoptimism: I felt like messing around with watercolors some. Began with a simple ballpoint pen sketch in my Moleskine and painted ove.

One Word, Bullet Journal

concrete lamps

Concrete Lamps by Henrik Karlsson A result of the designer’s exploration of minimal Scandinavian design and imperfect concrete.

concrete lamp

Egg by Tomer Sapir: Slip cast porcelain set of lights. Fazer isto mas com cascas…