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a glass vase filled with christmas ornaments and lit candles on top of a white table
150+ Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas You'll Love To Do For Your Home | Hike n Dip
a napkin with a red bow on top of it and some greenery in the middle
a window with ornaments hanging from it's side and a christmas tree on the other side
an old window is decorated with christmas lights and ornaments for the holiday season in this kitchen
Engel DIY für Weihnachten oder neue Drahtengel • Pomponetti
some candles are in a jar on a window sill
there are onions and garlic in the glass vase
Pink november & Christmassy steps
a wooden bowl filled with pine cones and flowers next to a lit candle on top of a table
Sjarmerende jul
pine cones, helleborus and candle
a blue ribbon with an angel design on it and a metal spoon in the center
angel made with wired ribbon & jingle bell... I wish I would have seen this before Christmas but I will definately make these next christmas.
the letters are hanging on the wall and there is a lamp in the corner next to them
Christmas CD's
Old cd's/dvd's! Cute idea for homemade ornaments! or cute to make a banner with. I have Lots of CD's I could use for this! What a cute IDEA!
a deer figurine sitting on top of a plate next to a christmas tree
Christmas Decoration
Christmas Home Tour @ JST Design
three red candles sitting on top of a mantle with white flowers and branches in front of a mirror
DIY: Making Iced Branches
How to make iced branches.