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Two of my favorite women in one Harley Quinn Tattoo, Harley Quinn Comic, Harley Quinn Cosplay, Harley Quinn Drawing, Deadpool Tattoo, Jokers, Comic Art, Comic Books, Gotham City

Harley Quinn in iconic Marilyn Monroe dress (Artist? Possibly a color edit based on Harley Quinn / Marilyn Monroe by TheReverendPlissken/Richard Lewis?

Witch! Suspiria, Dario Argentos 1977 Dark Italian Fairytale. One of the last movies shot in technicolor hence the amazing vibrant colours. Film Inspiration, Dario Argento, Cinematic Lighting, Blue Filter, Light Film, Art Movies, Beautiful Film, Cinematic Photography, Film Photography

love watching dario argento’s movie suspiria. the cinematography emphasizes the primary colours, making it really creepy and eerie… it was one of the last movies to be processed at the technicolor processing plant.

Dirección de arte y diseño de producción | Suspiria (1977) Horror Movies, Scary Movies, Horror Art, Dario Argento, Light Film, The Best Films, Vintage Horror, Movie Wallpapers, Film Stills

Come into my den, said the spider, et cetera.

Suspiria, Dario Argento see top left "car scene" for fed and blue pulsating light for "cop scene" and blue upshot lighting for texters

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This is who I based Tolson, the fairy gang leader on initally. He wants Maia and other humans to join their gang and become Instars.

maurizio galimberti - dario argento Dario Argento, Advanced Photography, Mixed Media Photography, Multiple Images, Italian Artist, Ap Art, Cinematography, Art Inspo, Dog Food Recipes

Some shots by the italian artist photographer Maurizio Galimberti, from his "Works Celebrity serie.

Deep Red, Dario Argento, 1975 Cinematography, Dario Argento, Film Movie, Movie Scene, Top 10 Films, Horror Movies, Cult Movies, Creature Feature, Vintage Horror

An iconic scene from Dario Argento's giallo, "Profondo Rosso," also known as "Deep Red" in the U.

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In the mouth of Cinema : Photo

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Suspiria is: A 1977 horror film by Dario Argento. The 2018 remake of Argento's film by Luca Guadagnino.