this is what dysmorphia feels like for me. there are times when i literally feel twisted, misshapen and like lumps of flesh. i'll feel like i don't even have a human body at all, it's just some grotesque shell. it's really hard to explain. thankfully this feeling is rare.

Silent Hills 13 creepiest enemies and what they represent

One of the best enimies besides pyramid head, sad daddy, scarlets doll, and the rorshachs. I love asphyxia

This slightly uncanny piece of modernistic meat is actually not made from meat, but from wax, oil, paint polystyrene, stage blood & latex, by artist John Isaacs, who titled it “Further uses of the dead to the living (meat)”. John Isaacs is also the creator of the Blob Man.

John Isaacs Further uses of the dead to the living (meat) 2008 wax, oil, paint polystyrene, stage blood & latex 56 x 18 x 239 cm

Hyperrealistic painting Fabio Magalhaes, Oil painting.

Trouxas III (Alusivo ao Artur Barrio) / Óleo sobre Tela / 190 x / One of the grotesque and hyper-realist paintings of Brazilian artist Fábio Magalhães.

Francesco Albano

The sculptures of the Italian sculptor Francesco Albano ((b. Oppido Mamertina (RC), Italy based in Istanbul, Turkey) photographed in a ruined Hammam in Istanbul by the Dutch photographer Arjen J.