I love this idea! This would definitely be something I used in my classroom, especially for younger kids. Not only will it help them to establish time management, but it will also help them practice telling time. 8802

Clutter-Free Classroom: Clock Schedule Display Kids who are working on telling time, they can refer to the little clocks as a guide for the BIG clock! Love this!

Fabulous idea for teaching how to read a clock

Teach time with a Time Teller - Lift and Peek paper plate clock for visual learners.

Diftongplakater fra Teaching FUNtastic! https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Norwegian-Alphabet-Poster-Pack-BM-1675456

Hello again! Last week I finished up a long time project; creating new alphabet posters for my classroom. Because I teach multiple classes.

Alfabetplakater med tilhørende elevbok

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Ida Heen Hansen

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