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All Things Gardens, Gardening, Greenhouses

This board contains all things gardening, including greenhouse, hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics etc...
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Gardening - Veggies That Grow In The Shade

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Gardening - Raised Beds

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What is Buttercup Squash? (with pictures)

Gardening - Squash

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Beginner's guide to sell produce at the farmers market. What to grow, how to sell, sales tips and hacks, marketing and more. Sell fruit and vegetables and earn homestead income. #farmersmarket #sales #sellingatmarket #sellingvegetables

Gardening - Selling at Farmers Markets & Tips

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Purslane - A Tasty "Weed" That is Loaded With Nutrients
HerbRealm: Purslane - free food from your garden

Foraging - Common Weeds

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Try something new, and discover 50 weeds and wild plants you can consume safely! With descriptions and photos. #food #wildflowers #weeds #wildplants

Gardening - Edible Weeds and Wild Plants

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What to Grow in an Indoor Edible Garden

Gardening - Window Gardens

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Snap peas and snow peas are easy to grow but usually have a short harvest period. Freezing them is the way to enjoy your garden peas longer and this is the easiest way ever! #freezing #peas
Snap peas and snow peas are easy to grow but usually have a short harvest period. Freezing them is the way to enjoy your garden peas longer and this is the easiest way ever! #freezing #peas

Gardening - Peas

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Homemade Insecticidal Soap: How To Make DIY Recipe

Gardening - Pest

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Fresh asparagus from your own garden is sooo delicious - once you have tasted it, it will be your favorite garden vegetable forever! Learn here how to plant and take care of asparagus in your backyard vegetable garden. #gardening #gardeningtips #permaculture #homesteadgarden #organicgardening #homesteading #urbangardening #vegetablegardening #growingfood #gardening4climate #gardeningforclimate
How to Grow Asparagus tammybegley
How to Grow Asparagus in Raised Beds..

Gardening - Asparagus

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Aquaponic greenhouse for urban food production.
Converting a Swimming Pool to Grow Fish - with plant filtration system.
Best Fish for your system

Gardening - Aquaponics

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How to Collect Geranium Seeds from Plant (With Pictures) - Geranium Guide
Peace in the garden. Another!
How to make a flower tower

Garden - Flowers

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the aeroponic Tower Garden. don't miss this one! realfoodfamily.towergarden.com
One of the projects that the CIP has been developing as a sustainable farming method is growing potatoes using aeroponics.  Aeroponic growing is a soilless method where plants are grown supported at the top with their roots hanging into a box.
How to Make a Simple 5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponics System

Gardening - Aeroponics

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Back to Eden gardening method has totally revolutionize my gardening practices. This is how we grew all our family’s vegetables without weeding or watering at all! These days I barely weed the garden, I pretty much never water the garden either, and it is more productive now then it has ever been.
How to Grow a Garden Without Watering. Garden Watering Techniques. Life Hacks Tips! - YouTube

Gardening - Back To Eden Method

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Gardening - Baking Soda Uses

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How To Start a Ladybug Garden! The benefits of having ladybugs in your garden include being able to cut back on pesticides and ridding your flower beds of aphids and other insect pests.
Beneficial Insects: Get to Know the Good Garden Bugs

Gardening - Beneficial Insects

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How to grow dry beans and string beans. How to grow beans for maximum production! #beans #growingbeans #howtogrowbeans #vegetablegardening
Beans are something that it took me a long time to get success at growing. I honestly think that your climate and time of year that you sow them has the biggest impact on your success when you are growing beans in your vegetable garden. There are two main types of bean that we will be looking at in this post, both are considered green beans - the runner bean and the french bean.

Gardening - Beans & Peas

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In summer, strawberry plants send out runners that colonize the soil around them. The leaf cover is good for protecting the plants over the winter, but it needs to be cleared in spring. Here's how to tidy up the thatch in an overgrown strawberry patch to keep the bed healthy and productive #gardening tips #vegetablegarden #growstrawberries
Growing Elderberry

Gardening - Berries

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Plant a Butterfly Garden
Attracting Butterflies | How to Make a Butterfly Garden Planter
Butterfly Bush and other Top Plants for Your Butterfly Garden

Gardening - Butterfly Gardens

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Broccoli is one of the best plants for beginner gardeners to learn to grow in their vegetable garden. It is easy to grow, and fairly hardy.
Are you starting a garden from scratch this season and need a beginners guide to growing cabbages? Start your vegetable garden off on the right foot this season.
Learn how to grow broccoli from seed with these step-by-step instructions and enjoy fresh, organic, homegrown broccoli all summer and fall! #howtogrowbroccoli #growbroccolifromseed #growbroccoli

Gardening - Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Squash etc

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Cold frame built with bales of straw pages and pages of pictures of coldframes and greenhouses.
How to Build a Straw Bale Cold Frame:  it's 40 degrees warmer in there than it is outside! Like a mini greenhouse #gardening #plants
Your Fall Garden: Make a Hoop House to Extend Your Growing Season

Gardening - Cold Frame & Hoop Houses

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The Ultimate Guide to Companion Planting is here at last! Find out which vegetables, herbs, and flowers to plant together (or not) in your Spring Garden this year. This guide is for the experienced and beginner gardener and will give you tons of ideas for a successful garden. #garden #ideas #tips #howto #design #vegetable #hacks #herb #flowers #companionplanting #ideas #plan #healingharvesthomestead #survival
Companion planting in your vegetable garden is a great way to increase diversity, attract beneficial insects and also to increase the harvest in your backyard. Grab this free companion planting guide
6 Things that'll keep bad bugs out of your garden

Gardening - Companion Gardening

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#gardenhacks #garden #gardening
Compost - dark, crumbly, “black gold”, is made up of decomposing organic matter. It improves your soil and keeps kitchen scraps and yard debris out of landfills. That’s 30% of household waste!

Gardening - Compost - Mulch - Fertilizers

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(543) Wicking Bucket Containers - Budget Built for patio container gardening - YouTube
Arched garden trellises and garden arbors allow you to extend your growing space, and expand into vertical gardening. Vego Garden’s Modular Metal Garden Arch Trellises are perfect for climbing plants, runners, vines, and ivy, and will provide support for your plants to grow to new heights. Vertical gardening with the Modular Arch Trellis will help to broaden your growing space by training plants upwards, providing additional space for more plants in your Vego Garden metal raised beds.When we lau

Gardening - Container, Vertical and Raised Bed

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Hydroponic Cucumbers - Ask Extension
4 Common Hydroponic Cucumber Problems (And How To Fix Them) - Soak And Soil

Gardening - Cucumbers

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