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Riddari pattern by Védís Jónsdóttir

Men's Icelandic wool sweater

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This Icelandic-inspired design, refined with a more tailored fit, is equally fetching on men or women. The striking graphic sunburst yoke, which requires the use of three colors on some rounds, looks handsome in almost any combination of light, medium, and dark hues from the Shelter palette; the masculine sample uses a marl as the middle value to add further depth to the graphic motif. The neckline is slightly wider than traditional to allow for comfortable layering.

Atlas (for Adults) pattern by Jared Flood

Fisherman Wool Pullover - Icelandic Sweaters - Wool Sweaters

The design of the Fisherman's pullover is inspired by the classic Icelandic tradition of hand knitted wool sweaters. Knitted by a mother or a wife, the sweater kept the fisherman warm in the sub-arctic climate of Iceland.

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Bildresultat för cooper gorfer

Bibi Chemnitz, The Fifth Daughters.By Cooper & Gorfer from The Weather Diaries, Nordic Fashion Biennale, copyright The Nordic House, Iceland & SEEK Image courtesy of Gestalten.