My Yoga photos from (@lisa_fagerland)Follow me!!<3

MyYoga photos from my Twitter page (@lisa_fagerland). Follow me and get inspired!
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Sometimes you must go way back in your mind -back to your childhood dreams in order to move forward in life <3 #MyYoga #YogaLifestyle
Be true to yourself And You can also be true to others <3
Trust yourself enough.Be adaptable to changes. Keep balance ,keep moving and accept.#MyYoga #BeachYoga
Don't force energy. Don't force love. Shine your true Light & always with Love & the right things & the right people will find you . #MyYoga #BeachYoga #Believe
Be aware of changes .Feel them and understand them. #MyYoga #BeachYoga #Awareness #Love #Life
Let yourself be drawn to what is right for you. Be patient,listen and it will all be revealed in time. #MyYoga #BeachYoga
Sometimes you have to let yourself go. Release yourself and just be! #Love #Life #MyBeachYoga
When i did my morning Yoga,this light was on every photo of me. Made me think of magic <3 #BeachYoga #Light #Love <3
I could easy fall asleep in this position. Lol! My Yoga <3
Dont let anything or anyone keep you down.Shine and be the most beautiful You and the right people will love you. #MyYoga