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an outdoor living area with couches, tables and chairs
Photo 5 of 10 in 10 Dreamy Italian Villas You Can Rent for an Idyllic…
an aerial view of a city at night
Rta IRF Global
Rta IRF Global
an aerial view of the earth with water and land
Motion Design studio.
Styleframes for a web-based motion experience commemorating the 9 Days of Dunkirk with a live dynamic data visualization and timeline of the battle. Produced by Jam3.
an aerial view of manhattan, new york city
Cool cartography: the art of mapmaking
A 3D map of Manhattan by Luis Dilger German designer Dilger took OpenStreetMap’s data of various cities and visualised the satellite-based information using DEM Earth in Cinema 4D, transforming them into 3D prints.
an image of a computer screen with the shape of a map
Military landscape. Experement.
Ознакомьтесь с этим проектом @Behance: «Military landscape. Experement.»…
an abstract black and white photo with the words have no day written on it's side
#hud #ui #interface #interfacedesign #shureshki #sifi #digital #infographic #data #holographicnails #holographic #cg #cggeneralist #design #fx #gfx #motiondesign #concept #conceptart
the statue is surrounded by lines and dots in front of a blue sky with white clouds
Amazing work by
a black and white photo of a city street with tall buildings in the back ground
Beniamino Servino. Urban Palingenesis. [Based on a photo by Ezra Stoller].
a series of photographs with different colors and shapes on them, all showing the same image
Julian Bialowas //
several different types of trees and mountains in the same photo, each with their own name
Semi-Permanent Portland 2013
Semi-Permanent Portland 2013 (2013) — Art of the Title
an old man is surrounded by squares and planes in the sky with buildings on either side
Publicis - Love the change. Lead the change.
Animation for Publicis Brasil. Full credits at my website.
the man is looking at his reflection in the mirror
SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening 2015
SVA Motion Graphics Portfolio Screening 2015 on Vimeo
an abstract pattern with different shapes and sizes on it's yellow background, in the middle
Your Data
flat design, slick keyframe animation, fluid transitions