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an elf on top of a washing machine with a sign in front of it that says 50
72 Hilariously Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Christmas Magical
two elfs are standing in front of a sign that says we made brown's enjoy
Elf ideas
the door is decorated with christmas decorations and elf's hands on top of it
an elf is sitting on the kitchen counter next to some potato chips
a roll of toilet paper with an elf on top
five sockies are laying on the floor next to a sign that says elf sleepover
an elf is sitting on top of silver shoes with a sign that says i shinned your shoes for you
Pin by Nicole Pratt-McDermott on Jack 2021 | Elf activities, Elf fun, Xmas elf
an elf is sitting at a table with bananas and oranges
the elfs are lined up on the floor with their shoes in front of them
an elf is hanging on the refrigerator door with pictures and magnets all around it
two elfs are playing with bubbles in front of a sign that says, warning if you