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three different views of the same dress on mannequin's head and torso
Forest Cape and Branch Wings by Firefly-Path on DeviantArt
daughter of the eyrewood perhaps?
(5) Авоська - друг человека :) - ИДЕИ ВОДОЛЕЯ — ЖЖ Leather, Recycling, Purses, Bags, Taschen, Pencil Case
Авоська - друг человека :)
(5) Авоська - друг человека :) - ИДЕИ ВОДОЛЕЯ — ЖЖ
a person is working on some leather with scissors and pliers next to it are several different types of stitchers
Leather Vambrace gauntlet - no grommets by TegwynDeForest on DeviantArt
When I'm all out of grommets, I start getting creative with coper wire. Here I used old pink sofa leather, painted it Brown and cut holes in it just large enough to let the strip of copper loops th...
two jars with plants in them sitting on a table
These DIY Summer Fairy Lanterns Are So Charming |