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Tiny House with your own Rooftop Terrace, via Tiny House Talk. Click through for more pictures. | Tiny Homes

The Shelter House by Franklin Azzi Architecture is located in Yport, near Normandy, France. The two expansions which protrude on opposite sides of the house, resemble wings with covered patios and rooftop terraces.

How to Build a Tiny House: The Robins Nest by Brevard Tiny House Co. Photo

In this post I get to show you the basics of how to build a tiny house on wheels. The Brevard Tiny House Company is working on their second project called Robins Nest. This is a tiny home on a trai… (Step Stairs Yards)

12 of the Most Impressive Tiny Houses You’ve Ever Seen

Architect Builds Tiny 196 Square-Foot Dream House From Scratch Cash-strapped Idaho architect Macy Miller wanted a place of her own without the burdensome mortgage, so she decided to build a tiny house.

a tiny house that actually allows for having more than one kid (two, but at least it's heading in the right direction.)

This small house was designed and built by Bill Yudchitz and Revelations Architects/Builders Corp. It measures just 320 square feet (not including the two small lofts). It features a few notable systems like a butterfly .

GREEN PLANS —TINY HOUSE floorplans—tiny modern cottage home plan 480sft plan # 484-4 —

GREEN PLANS —TINY HOUSE floorplans—tiny modern cottage home plan Love the openness of the couch facing out the windows.