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a man and woman are sitting on the steps with their graduation gowns over their shoulders
Harvard Couple Graduation Photoshoot — Adriana Arguijo Photography
Adriana Arguijo Photography | Boston Massachusetts Senior Portrait Photographer | College Senior Photos; College Grad Photos; Harvard University; Harvard Grad Photos; Harvard Law School; Couple Grad Photos; College Senior Pictures; Cap and Gown —— Natural Light; Cinematic Portraits; Candid; New England; Kodak Portra 400; The Archetype Process; Film Emulation; Canon 5D Mark IV; Canon 50mm 1.2 Lens
three women are holding books in their hands and walking through the grass with trees behind them
a young woman wearing a graduation cap and gown sitting under a tree with flowers in the foreground
a shadow of a woman holding flowers on the side of a building
a woman in a black dress holding a frisbee and smiling at the camera
three women are hugging each other while wearing graduation gowns and holding their arms around one another
two women in graduation gowns holding flowers and smiling at each other while standing next to each other
Kimmy kimberley
a man and woman in graduation gowns posing for a photo outside an office building
a woman wearing a graduation cap and holding a passport
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a woman in a hijab holding up a graduation cap