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a person standing on top of a blue and yellow dress with stars in the background
Asja Boros on Instagram / Tumblr / Society6
— Asja Boros on Instagram / Tumblr / Society6
one day i'm going to make the onions cry text in white on a black background
Quadros & posters com arte para cozinha
Quadros para cozinhas| Posters, ilustrações, cartazes e quadros para cozinhas |
a green background with the words let the ocean worry about being blue written in white
the text potatoes gona potato on a red background
a yellow background with a drawing of the earth and words that say, self purifit from a distance
the words prove them wrong babe are in black on a blue background with an image of a
pinterest: @ nandeezy †
Whoops I disagree. Dying is release Rebirth again and see newly
Whoops I disagree. Dying is release Rebirth again and see newly
the words block his number and enjoy your summer written in white type on a yellow background
the words you'll pass that class you'll get that degree you'll start
the words she just shines written in black ink on a white paper with green writing
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a pink background with the words,'your makes do not define you '
Pink Venom
pinterest // roseclairdelune ♡
the words first of all, you're really pretty on a pink background with black lettering
I just want to you to know that you are all beautiful and loved! Have a great day my loves x
a blue and white cross stitch pattern with the words, you are good enough to describe love
✧∘∗∙ συт ℓσυ∂ ѕσмєσиєѕ ¢αℓℓιиg му иαмє αи∂ ιт ѕσυи∂ѕ ℓιкє уσυ ∙∗∘✧