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I don't even know anymore... Peter Pan And Tinkerbell, Tinkerbell And Friends, Peter Pan Funny, Peter Pans, Peter Pan Cosplay, Tinker Bell, Disney Land, Peter Pan Disney World, Peter Pan Disneyland

I'm super sorry for the language but this reminded me of Collin and Simmi>>> uh huh so the vine is called Boss Ass Bitch for anyone who was wondering<<gonna go watch it rn lmaoooo

What the heck belle?! Walt Disney, Funny Disney, Disney Horror, Disney Memes, Disney Cartoons, Disney Magic, Disney Love, Disney Stuff, The Funny

this is SOOOOOOO something i would gift my disney friends! The blur says "Jesus fuckin Christ, Belle" if you were wondering *glares at people who sensor these*

So cute!!!! Disney And More, Disney Fun, Disney Magic, Walt Disney, Disney Stuff, Funny Disney, Creepy Disney, Disney Memes, Disney Cartoons

Hahaha Tangled and frozen it is so cool that Anna Elsa and rapunzel are related!



He never said he didn't have feelings for her. He knew it wouldn't be fair to make her choose. Walt Disney, Disney Frozen, Disney Fun, Disney Magic, Disney Stuff, Kristoff Frozen, Frozen Sad, Anna Kristoff, Frozen Heart

Queen Elsa on

Kristoff is one of my favorite Disney characters ever. Kristoff had to try make himself okay with the fact that she was engaged because even though it wasn't what he wanted it was what she did.

Love the fact that the actor ad-libbed this. Then they animated the scene accordingly. Dreamworks, Pixar, Pixar Characters

Love the fact that the actor ad-libbed this. Then they animated the scene accordingly.

Oh Hans, if only there was a fan of Frozen who loved you.... &lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt; pinned for that comment lol My Tumblr, Tumblr Funny, Funny Memes, That's Hilarious, Disney And Dreamworks, Disney Pixar, Walt Disney, Disney Magic, Disney Love

Disnumblr Trois

Dolores Umbridge of Disney<<<<< pinning again for that comment! hahaha Dolores Umbridge of Disney oh my goshhhhh i'm dead!>> So perfect!

And they would have the gingerest children ever Frozen Disney, Anna Frozen, Disney Pixar, Disney Fun, Disney And Dreamworks, Disney Animation, Disney Magic, Walt Disney, Frozen Hans

So Hans is a bit of a fixer upper.So he's got a few flaws.<< like his peculiar brain, dear

Same, I was with the last comment.

31 Tumblr Posts Only True Disney Fans Will Appreciate

Same, I was with the last comment.

Thank you, for crushing my feels...AGAIN Disney Fun, Disney Stuff, Walt Disney, Disney Magic, Funny Disney, Sad Disney Quotes, Disney Memes, Pixar Theory, Disney Theory

This is my favorite Disney/Pixar movie ever. Why am i crying so much? I'm just gonna go crawl in a hole and sob uncontrollably for the rest of my life. << I'm bawling.